Real Estate Services

St. Croix Real Estate, Inc. has direct experience in development and redevelopment of properties in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul market are; the owners of the company are directly involved in all aspects of real estate development including:

  • Land Acquisition
  • Construction Management
  • Leasing
  • Financing
  • Redevelopment
  • Asset Management
  • Accounting
  • Property Management


“Since 2000, I have worked with Mary McNellis and St. Croix Real Estate in a general contracting capacity on several new ground-up and tenant renovation construction projects. With her direction, it has made it easy for me to understand what steps are needed to meet her expectations, which set the course straight for bringing our projects to a successful conclusion. To work with Mary is truly a delight and I look forward to the next opportunity to work with her and St. Croix Real Estate again.

William J. Bartolic III, Principal, BCI Builders LLC

“Mary is a very, very responsive and responsible landlord. She is always a fair and diplomatic person and landlord. She is quick to answer or return a call with a question that we may have of her. In addition Mary hires a person with disabilities supported by TSE for our parking lot maintenance. Stu loves his job!”

Lynne Megan, TSE, Inc., tenant at the Rice Street Business Center

“It has been my pleasure to know and work with Mary McNellis since 1992, as a client, adviser, associate and friend. Thoughtful, fair, passionate about doing the right thing, and direct in her approach, I value these attributes in my business associates friends, and mentor for my students. I expect our relationship to last another many years!”

Peter Hilger, AIA Architect, Rylaur,LLC and Faculty Director, University of Minnesota, Construction and Facility Management Program

“Mary McNellis is by far my favorite landlord. She’s responsive and fair whenever an issue arises. Mary is professional and very positive and nice.”

Patti Yaucher, Great Clips owner at Hugo Victor Marketplace