Hugo Shops at Victor Marketplace

147XX Victor Hugo Boulevard, Hugo, MN 55038
Address 14755 Victor Hugo Boulevard, Hugo, MN 55038

A one-acre lot in front of Victor Marketplace is available for development for up to 7,700 square feet of retail and restaurant space. This building will complete the Victor Gardens development and compliment the well-established retailers and grocer at Victor Marketplace. This lot is available for Sale or Lease.

Suites Available Square Feet Available Base Rent Common Area Maintenance with Tax
100 X,XXX $25.00 $3.50 per square foot
200 X,XXX $25.00 $3.50 per square foot
300 X,XXX $25.00 $3.50 per square foot
400 X,XXX $25.00 $3.50 per square foot
500 X,XXX $25.00 $3.50 per square foot


For Sale Location Details
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Site Plan 2
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